Property Consultancy : Joint Venture / Real Estate Development

SARCO Estate Agents Ltd.’s business philosophy respects people and their land and it is reflected in everything we do. We have strong working relation with clients involved in land development including developers, financial and lending institutions, real estate professionals, legal professionals, and property owners and managers.

Our property consultancy service concerns in finding a suitable developer according to our clients’ requirements for their lands. In this process it becomes convenient for landowners to have a developer to develop their precious land according to their expectations and at the same time it becomes easier for a developer to get a land within their ability to develop. SARCO stands upright to make both the parties benefit.

Landowner also benefit from getting all the offers from different developers without hassle of collecting offers individually. We also ensure that our clients get proper compliance in respect to the service they require and we follow that until the completion of the project.


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