Property Management

How would it be when there will be a relief from collecting rent & service charge and how good it will be when there will be no hassle managing maintenance department and no tension regarding security and how useful it will be when you will be given the priority to choose a number of developer and you will be guided by experts for your valuable properties?

SARCO has designed a complete property solution sector for its valuable customer and they are:

  • > Property Management
  • > Property Consultancy
  • > Property Valuation
  • > Property Maintenance


Property Management

SARCO estate agent ltd is one of the first companies to launch property management & solution services in Bangladesh. Managing properties by maintaining international standard and making clients’ life easier is our key goal. It is our mission to provide renters & property owners alike, with the most cooperative service available. When it comes to SARCO, owners can feel safe and confident that an expert team of property managers are communicating with their Renters and Renters will feel more secure knowing that their Landlord has the reputation for giving them personalized service, fairness, and the attention they need.

Property Consultancy

In the current real estate market of Bangladesh there are many land owners who are not getting the right value for their property. This is happening due to lack of consultancy available for them. SARCO realizes the demand for property consultancy and presents it s property consultancy services. SARCO has designed consultancy service in such a way so that the property owner can get the best option and right deal for their valuable property. We are associated with a number of investors’ as well as a number of real estate companies which provide the customers with many options. SARCO gives the opportunity to ‘choose’ the best from all the deals. SARCO also have very skillful and experience legal team. . SARCO will be honor to be at your service and SARCO believes after experiencing our service client will say think property, think SARCO.

Property Valuation

SARCO presents Property Valuation for our clients so that our clients know the correct value of the property and get the value of it’s worth. In the current market of property a land valuation is needed to get a suitable rate of the property. We have an expert team of engineers, land specialist and a survey team. With a specialized team SARCO assure its client accuracy of the calculation and gives idea about the market rate. SARCO believes Land Valuation gives property owners a relief of getting the correct rate in the market and also enhances the chances of having a profitable deal.

Property Maintenance

SARCO is one of the pioneer estate agencies in Bangladesh with highly trained & skilled professionals. SARCO’s skilled management team is very much aware of understanding the value of property & is committed to manage our client’s most prized & valued investment. We manage all types of properties including homes, apartment complexes, super stores, office and industrial complexes and storage facilities.

Demand for property managers is ever increasing. In your daily life you may have to travel for business purposes, attend meeting and run a company. Collecting rent and arranging repairs of your beloved property can take up a lot of your valuable time. That’s where we come in. We do all your property maintenance work and save your time. And this is how you can spend your leisure time with less tension from now on.

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